Our Purpose

There are many reasons why the The Mother’s Day Walk exists and is held every year. Aside from being a great way to kick off New York City’s outdoor festival season, and an awesome alternative for what to do with Mom on her special day; it is a fantastic way to celebrate and honor the love and dedication of all mothers, while giving tribute to those moms who have experienced or have lost their lives to Domestic Violence.

Above all, The Mother’s Day Walk is about Family and Fun! 


Sunday, May 8th 2016:

  • 9am Sign-in and Zumba at Park Row & Centre Street, Manhattan
  • 10am Opening Ceremonies held at Park Row & Center Street, Manhattan
  • 11am Begin the Mother’s Day Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • 12-3pm Multicultural Family Festival at Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn


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By walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, recognizing the accomplishments of those who have overcome abuse, and showcasing local talent and entertainment; The Mother’s Day Walk symbolically brings light to the hope and possibilities that exist for anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes to go beyond their present circumstances.

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Created by the non-profit organization Milagros Day Worldwide with its tagline of Turning Abuse Into Success, and its vision of Shifting The Victim Paradigm, The Mother’s Day Walk serves as a platform for raising awareness and funds to support the life-changing programs they provide to survivors of abuse, and to those who grew up in abusive households; such as The Transformation Academy and The Bootcamp Retreat.

        evpic                  By Supporting our programs: YOU CAN HELP!! 



This platform is not exclusive to Milagros Day Worldwide, as all other women’s organizations and social enterprises; as well as civic, educational, arts, and cultural groups; are invited and highly encouraged to participate in this amazing event and take advantage of this high profile media exposure opportunity! 
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                                         Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history                                                    and get your message out to the world!


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