The Power of PURPOSE

I’d like to share with you Amber Browning-Coyle’s Premier Episode of her new show Spotlight On featuring an extraordinary woman; Milagros Day Worldwide Spokesperson, Karen Hoyos.

Karen Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Author. She is also my dear friend, soul-sister and coach.

purpleI have had the privilege of traveling nationally with Karen and serving intricately as Production Manager of her seminars, speaking tours, television interviews and product development. Through working with Karen, I have been blessed with rare opportunities like walking on the Red Carpet of The OSCARS, and being the editor of her book PURPOSE.

Karen Hoyos’ specialty is PURPOSE. Her definition of living your purpose, is doing what you love, using it to serve others, and creating abundance for yourself and for others with it.

In September of 2009, I did not know my purpose; and did not believe I even had a purpose. I was at the most successful point in my career, and I was also in the deepest depression of my life. After 20 years of personal development, I had tons of knowledge and zero peace. I was at the end of my rope and my last resort was this cute little Colombian girl with a heavy accent and a radiant smile.



A few years prior, I had attended one of Karen’s first seminars and had heard her talk about coaching. I had no clue what that was, but in my darkest moment I figured i’d give it a try. In our first conversation I proceeded to tell her all about my miserable existence.

She listened patiently and when I had finished pouring my guts out, she asked me a question.”What is your purpose?”. “Purpose? Haven’t you hear a word I said?” “Yes, what is your Purpose? If you could make a difference for any group in the world who would it be?”

It was in that very moment that I literally felt the breath of God breathing life back into me and I said in an instant “I would help women who have lived through domestic violence.” and she said “Great, you have 90 days to make it happen!”

Exactly three months later on December 2009, Milagros Day Worldwide held its Launch Gala Event where five amazing and courageous women from a Domestic Violence shelter were the guests of honor who received a physical and spiritual makeover that forever changed their lives.

Milagros Day 2009

Since then, Milagros Day Worldwide has touched the lives of hundreds women all around the world and Karen Hoyos has been there with us every step of the way; first as a Founding Board Member, and now as International Spokesperson, proudly representing our mission of Turning Abuse Into Success globally through her seminars, products, media appearances, speaking tours, and humanitarian missions.

Wherever you are right now, reading this story; I invite you to STAND and BREATHE, and SMILE and say to yourself: I HAVE A PURPOSE!! The world needs me! I have a unique gift! I matter! I have value! I came to this planet to make a difference! I am love! I am special! I am PEACE!!

I invite you to chant these words to yourself for a FULL 24 HOURS!! And then PLEASE let me know what shifts in your mind, in your heart and in your life!!

Dawn Diaz


Dawn Diaz
Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach
CEO, Rescue Coaching LLC
Founder, Milagros Day Worldwide
Retired FDNY Paramedic/Captain

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Growing Mother’s Day TRADITION  



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