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The Mother’s Day Walk is a New York City tradition held annually by Milagros Day Worldwide, a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of Domestic Violence through leadership coaching and mentorship; and a commitment to Turning Abuse Into Success.

Domestic Violence Statistics state that 1 out of every 4 women will be a victim of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime; and approximately 10 Million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year.


By Supporting our programs: YOU CAN HELP!! Donate_Button

Over the last five years, Milagros Day Worldwide has had a Profound Impact on the fabric of the New York Metropolitan Area, by providing Leadership Coaching and Mentorship to Survivors of Domestic Violence and Childhood Trauma.

Some of Our Direct  Service Programs Include:

  • Turning Abuse Into Success: 2 Hour Workshop
  • The Bootcamp Retreat: 3 Day Weekend Seminar
  • The Transformation Academy: 12 Week Leadership Program
  • The Mother’s Day Walk across The Brooklyn Bridge: Flagship Awareness Event                    bootcamp runUsing our philosophy of Re-Creation, Re-Education, and Responsibility, the results of our programs are rapid and life-changing. This is what we will do with the $100,000.00 we plan to raise in 2015 :
    • $50K: 2015 Bootcamp Weekend Retreat for 100 Women (100 X $500)
    • $30K: 2015 Transformation Academy for 100 Women (100 X $25 X 12 Weeks)
    • $10K: 2015 Annual Brooklyn Bridge Mother’s Day Walk (1000 X $10)
    • $10K: 2015 Community Outreach to Women’s Groups throughout NYC (500 X $20)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!!  YOU CAN HELP US MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!                                                                                          Donate_Button  AcademybootcampWe thank you for supporting us and ask you to become our partner to                     achieve our vision of Turning Abuse Into Success!                                         
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